Felyne Brown For any event

Felyne Brown Event & Travel Companion

Who am I ?

* My name is Felyne, I’m 27 years old, I’m single and bisexual.

* I am French-Costa Rican and a British Caribbean Island.

* I love seduction, sensuality and eroticism.

* I appreciate elegance and refinement. Having a spontaneous and neat personality I know how to adapt to all environments. With me everything is possible as long as we remain in the respect of everyone!

* I also appreciate the challenges as an Elite companion.
I can create and satisfy all your fantasies in a secure environment with a most erotic atmosphere all in hygiene and respect.

* My various interests allow me to address the most varied topics.

* I have an excellent knowledge of body language :), I also express myself fluently in 4 languages.

* Passionate about travel, I like to discover new cultures and new horizons.
I am only in 37 countries visited and I dream to discover other foreign places.

To this passion is added my infallible love for classical and instrumental music;
cello, piano and saxophone. I also like many other musical genres :)

* Literature, tennis, golf, billiards (american pool table), cinema, sea navigation.

* As a modern and open-minded young woman, I love beautiful places and all those who sublimate the elegant and sexy modern woman. Fine cuisine, clubs, theater, opera, evening, gala (I have beautiful gala dresses and cocktails, ready for me to be the most beautiful by your side and your eyes)* Animals are my first passion in life, I have two little loves with :)

* Education; Sales & Marketing Sector

* So, what about you? Tell me about you, your desires, your fantasies!

*** Courtesy, respect and gentleness are essential elements that will make me want to meet you and offer you the best of me. So be Gentlemen …

With all my sensuality,
Felyne BROWN