1) You are someone important, popular or not at all, you can count on my discretion

* The total respect of your private life is one of the essential factors for our meeting

* I would never allow myself to call you, send you sms or emails of my own rigging.

* I pledge never to disclose or speak about the identity of the people I meet.

* Being a true companion of luxury, I am subject to the professional secrecy,
all that happens and which is said between you and me, will remain between you and me!

* I attach great importance to seeing my visitors and the tranquility of my life.
Harming you will not bring me any peace.

For a cash payment, thank you to put my gift in an open envelope

2) Why should I call on your Felyne services? Which guarantee do I have to have time with you?

* I offer an international escorting and escorting service for small Escapades.

* My various interests allow me to tackle a variety of topics.

* I also express myself fluently in 4 languages

* Naturally discreet and distinguished, I am pleasant with excellent adaptability of places
where I go but mostly people I meet.

* I would know by this fact to put you in confidence and reassure you.

* You want to live your most hidden fantasies discreetly with a charming and seductive
young elegant and sexy woman who will be happy to fulfill your desires, I am the right person!

* I have excellent body language skills and I love seduction and carnal pleasures.
So, why call on me? Because I am a beautiful woman very open minded and that I would put
everything works to fulfill your desires of course in the mutual respect of each.

3) I am not comfortable with my age, my appearance, my ethnic background and some requests. Can I still contact you Felyne?

* Your age, your appearance, or your ethnic type do not matter, as long as you are courteous, educate and have good hygiene. (the absence of courtesy, respect and hygiene will oblige me either not to give you an appointment or do not go on an appointment)
These elements are essential for everything to go well between us.

* Your ethnicity is not important to me. I’m just asking for respect.

* As indicated in “my services” there are certain things that I could not give you.

* I do not accept traveling in swingers club and libertine swingers’ party

* I do not practice CIF, CIM, FIST, URO, SCATO, HARD Domination on me

4) Some things to know!

* A) I’m allergic to latex Felyne how do you do?
Do not worry, I have everything you need to make you have a good time.
I always have the necessary intimate protection of different sizes as well as naughty gadgets

B) Would it be possible to have unprotected sex with Felyne?
This is NOT POSSIBLE! I want first and foremost my health and then yours.
A request of this kind would take me to shorten the meeting or not to give place to the meeting.

* C) Do I have to bring my toiletries when I come to your house, Felyne?
No! I want to clarify that your comfort during your Getaway in my home is very important. Reason why I put at your disposal all the necessary for your hygiene, various alcoholic refreshment and non alcoholic. You can take a shower before and after at any time necessary.

* D) Do you smoke Felyne?
No, I do not smoke. But the cigarette and the smokers do not bother me.

* E) Could we go out nightclub, party with friends of mine, see a concert, a play, a movie in the cinema, see a match, an event what conch, small turn at sea, a trip time a weekend or week during a business trip? Is it possible Felyne?
-With great pleasure

* F) I would like a moment with two women, could you organize that for me Felyne?
Yes, this is entirely possible. If it’s up to me to find it, I’ll have to tell you what your needs are, I’ll contact
a bisexual friend or a colleague. You should pay him a gift yourself directly.

What are your moving worldwide? And how settle your gift?

* I am very flexible and mobile about travel. Those having places in Europe and in the UK
can be done quickly on request 24 hours in advance.

For others continents I recommend to take at least 4 days in advance.

* The gift aspect is done in cash in general. Down payments can be in Paypal.

I expect from you a perfect hygiene so that everything goes well. I take care to be clean and beautiful for you, please, do the same.

All intimate relationships will reveal an agreement between consenting adult.

Respect these conditions that are mine and we will live together moments of full pleasure.

With all my sweet Felinity

Felyne BROWN